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Protect yourself and your family from ticks this season!

Here at Vine Pharmacy we have a range of products to help prevent tick bites. Ask one of our employees about which products will be best in our fight to prevent Lyme and other tick borne illnesses.

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For use on clothing, tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor gear, Sawyer Permethrin is more than just an insect repellent — it actually kills ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, chiggers, mites, and more than 55 other kinds of insects. Permethrin is also effective against the Yellow Fever Mosquito, which can transmit the Zika Virus.

Providing a fantastic odorless barrier of protection, a single application of Permethrin lasts for 6 weeks or 6 washings. Using it on outdoor gear also helps reduce the mosquito population in your camp and prevents ticks from attaching to you.

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Highly effective at deterring a wide array of insects including mosquitoes and ticks, Sawyer’s 20% Picaridin insect repellent is more effective at repelling biting flies than DEET. Safe for use on the whole family, the non-greasy Picaridin offers all day protection, has a pleasant low citrus odor, and won’t damage plastics or synthetic coatings.

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Nantucket Spider

  • Repelled 92% of deer ticks in independent laboratory tests.

  • Appealing vanilla spice scent.

  • Water-based and not greasy so it can be sprayed on hair, skin, clothing, gear, socks, and shoes.

  • Made with organic, steam-distilled essential oils of clove, geranium, peppermint, cedarwood, spearmint, rosemary and cinnamon.

  • Distilled water, vegetable glycerin and natural vanillin (made from cloves) are our only other ingredients.

  • Deet-free, soy-free, vegan, kosher, cruelty-free. They use no chemical dispersants in our formulae.

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Family Repellent

Odorless, non-greasy, and sweat resistant, Sawyer’s Controlled Release insect repellent provides effective defense against ticks and all mosquitoes. This family friendly lotion protects adults and kids up to 11 hours, whether you are in the backcountry or in the backyard.

Encapsulating its EPA-approved 20% DEET formula in a protein that dissolves slowly, Controlled Release lotion releases DEET over a longer period of time — reducing the rate of DEET absorption by 67% per application and extending the duration of its effectiveness.

Tick Remover

Keep a tick remover on hand to safely remove a tick if you do get bitten!

We recommend using TICKED OFF removers for the easiest removal. 


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Pet Preventatives

Protect your pets against fleas and ticks with different products available in store. We carry Seresto collars as well as Vet's Best topical spot on formula.


Lyme Disease and Tick Borne Infection Consultations

Our pharmacist Charlotte Moss is an expert in Lyme Disease and other tick borne infections. Schedule a consult with her for guidance on the many different treatment protocols for these infections. At Vine Pharmacy we carry a range of different herbal and over the counter options for treatment as well as a variety of prevention options. Charlotte can also assist you in your treatment with a Lyme literate physician. Call 570-925-2500 to schedule your consultation. 


If you're looking for more information on Lyme disease and other tick borne diseases please refer to the following websites.

PA Lyme Resource Network at

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society at


Been bitten by a tick?

Save your tick and go to to claim your free test kit to get your tick tested for Lyme and other tick borne diseases. Free for PA residents.

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